Pay what you use. No hidden costs.


Automate container deployment, scaling and management through the Deltacloud Cloud.


A data protection-oriented public cloud with compute instances that can deliver simple applications through to complex architectures. Launch an instance in seconds.


A scalable, reliable and cost-effective object storage solution to support your application with high availability. Back up or operate your data without hidden costs with Deltacloud.

Databases (DBaaS)

Leave the administration of the database to us. We take care of commissioning, backups, updates, so that you can concentrate on the development.

Pay what you use

We think simple is best. Therefore we have a simple pricing scheme where you only pay for what you consume. Compute resources and storage, that's it. Out- and ingoing traffic is unlimited and free of charge.

Intuitive Console

Our intuitive console offers a simple way to manage your cloud services. Create organizations, projects, manage billing and resources, all from one place.

Built on OpenStack

Our cloud solution is built on OpenStack, which means you not only get all the features of our intuitive console, but get to experience the whole OpenStack experience too.

Our Pricing


Virtual Machines with a balanced mix of CPU cores, RAM and SSD local storage, covering a variety of use cases and allowing you to implement your architecture. From simple web hosting up to specialized Database host, from Continuous Integration server up to large Data Lakes, you can scale and combine Standard Instances to fit your application needs.

You can deploy Instances in seconds through our console, or automate everything with orchestrators and config management tools as Terraform, Ansible or the like.

RAM CPU Cores Local Storage Price
{{name(instance.ram)}} {{instance.ram}} GiB {{instance.cpu}} Cores 10 GiB - Unlimited {{ (instance.ram * factor * 0.011 * 720 * currencies[currency]).toFixed(2) }} / Month
{{ (instance.ram * 0.011 * factor * currencies[currency]).toFixed(4) }} / Hour
[1] Monthly prices are estimated for a 720 hour month (hourly price * 720)
[2] Monthly prices are rounded to two decimals
[3] We guarantee an uptime-SLA of 99.95% for our customers
[4] Windows virtual machines have a hourly surcharge of 60%
[5] Storage is billed separately, see Storage
[6] Unlimited traffic included
[7] Prices don't include VAT


Storage available as VM volumes or as a fast and reliable S3 compatible Object-Store. Plug-in your application via the API, use a simple web interface or script it with your existing tools.

{{(0.00003 * 720 *currencies[currency]).toFixed(3)}}
{{currency}} / GB / Month

Perfect for

  • Store and distribute your digital assets: images, videos, files and more
  • Reliable Object Storage
  • Critical Data
  • Machine and application attachments and backups
[1] Monthly prices are estimated for a 720 hour month (hourly price * 720)
[2] Monthly prices are rounded to three decimals ({{currency}} {{currencies[currency] * 0.00003}}/GB/hour)


Deploy and scale Kubernetes clusters in the zone of your choice for all types of application workloads. We offer the newest Kubernetes versions with auto-scaling available. We focus on running it so that you can focus on using it.

Databases (DBaaS)

Let us take care of your database deployment. You can choose from popular and open-source SQL solutions like MySQL, MariaDB and PostgreSQL. Simply replicate your database to multipe zones and create automatic backups to S3.

Private Cloud

You want to build your own private cloud? We can be with you from the start. From rack installation to management and operation.

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